Full podcast production

We do it for you

We take care of the end-to-end process for you.

WhatsApp and email support within 24 hours
Allocated sound engineer to your project
Marketing support to promote your podcast

What you can expect from us...

Music creation
Content ideas and framework for interviews
Arrangement of show
Full editing
Broadcast ready mastering
Full set up and tech assistance
Propose guests and schedule of release
Manage hosting site and distribution
Create episode copy and title
Monthly stat updates
Marketing plan and outreach
Social media visual asset
Artwork creation

How does it work

We record, edit and package the audio (usually within a week)
You review and approve the audio
We load your podcast to all the streaming platforms and sites
We setup a marketing strategy for you

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Our promise

We offer two revisions of your podcast before completion. If you’re not happy with what you hear, we will offer a full refund.

Our podcast services can help you...

Introduce podcasts to your business
Grow your personal brand
Learn to create your own podcasts
Use podcasts to generate revenue


How does music creation work?

We’ll chat through the idea of your podcast and help create music that matches the vibe of your show. The music of your podcast is really important as it creates the audio brand to your voice and platform. Music and sound design are also very important when creating fiction, crime and educational podcasts.

What do you mean by content ideas?

Content ideas are based on your goals for the show. When we have clear goals set for your podcast we can set ideas out for; guests, topics to discuss, the arrangement of the podcast, include any sponsors and meet their needs and so much more.

 What is editing?

Editing is the process of manipulating an audio recording. In the context of podcasts, this means removing any words or vocal stumbles you may not want. It also includes moving around the arrangement of the topics being discussed to create a flowing conversation.

I’m not very ‘techy’ and don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered. We will help with full equipment set up and training to make sure you’re comfortable and ready to go.

Hosting sites are where your podcast is stored. From the hosting site, the podcast can be fed to all the relevant streaming sites, we’ll manage all this for you and provide you with weekly or monthly stat updates.

What additional support do you provide?

On the full production package, we provide you with a social media asset for each episode, your artwork with a moving soundwave and text. We can also create your artwork and a social media plan for release.

What do marketing and outreach cover?

Before the release of your podcast, we set out a marketing plan and outreach program to make sure your show doesn’t go under the radar. We do this by evaluating your network and our network and making sure we’re putting you and your show in front of the right people. Trust us, we’re good at this!

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