What Equipment Do I Need To Start A Podcast?

Microphone and laptop

‘I’m starting a podcast, but what podcast equipment do I need?’ There is a huge range of options on the market and it can be hard to know what you actually require. The best way to approach this is to break down what it is you need to record, for example, it is important to identify whether you need equipment for one person or are you looking for podcast equipment for two people? Are you looking for podcast equipment on a budget or live podcast equipment?

Once you have identified what you need to record then you can take a look at the equipment within that niche. At the top end of the spectrum, you have Shure SM7B and at the bottom end you have your phone mic. Yes, it is possible to record audio on your phone microphone and if this is where your podcast budget is then do not hesitate to get in touch as we can talk you through the best way to use this feature on your phone.

Creating a podcast without equipment is possible if you use your phone to record, you can then send your audio into a company like Ocean Audio Productions. From there, we can edit that audio to a professional standard and either send it back for you to distribute or there is the option to leave that with us to do! The most important thing to remember when creating a podcast is that the idea and the content must be of a high standard. There are lots of options for recording and editing. If you do have any further questions on podcast equipment, software or podcast content ideas then please get in touch and we’d be happy to help. You can find a link below to book a free consultation call to find out which service is most suited to your project and budget.

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