Podcasts Are Coming To Facebook

Development in the 2021 Podcast Scene

Have you heard the news? Podcasts are coming to Facebook.

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But what does that mean?

With Facebook hopping on the podcasting bandwagon it shows that podcasts are here to stay and potentially are about to open up to a new audience. Millions of Facebook users (who have not listened to podcasts previously) will be able to switch to the podcast feature and discover a new form of entertainment or education. With 170 Facebook users connected to podcast pages and 35 million users marked as fans of podcast shows, the development comes naturally to the social media site.

Facebook’s entry into the podcast scene would mean the main tech giants all own podcast hosting sites, including Apple, Google, Amazon and Spotify. As market leaders such as Apple and Facebook continue to innovate within the podcasting industry, it is not long until we see others follow.

How will you and your business take advantage of and capitalise from this opportunity?

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