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Finding the right Podcast Production Agency can sometimes be a challenging task, you must consider if the production company are the correct fit, in terms of price, location, shared ideas, network and many other factors. Let’s investigate some of the different aspects of podcast production.

To work on a successful podcast production schedule consistency is key. Therefore, some podcast production agencies will require a podcast production agreement to be signed. Here at Ocean Audio, we’re happy to start work on your podcast production to make sure we’re a right fit before we look at anything in more detail.

There are so many Podcast Production Companies in London but what is the role of a podcast production company?
A podcast production company can help you create your podcast from the very initial idea or concept to a finished podcast show distributed worldwide.  We offer a ‘pick and mix’ approach to podcast production services. We can help with refining your podcast idea and concept, booking guests, recording in person or remotely, editing, creating a show jingle, creating podcast artwork, writing SEO content copy for your show, creating audiograms, distributing, and working with you on a marketing and social media plan to promote your podcast alongside a podcast release schedule. We feel this is a perfect approach as it’s up to you, the podcast host, to decide how much you want to be involved in your project, we use podcast production software that can be quite expensive so if you wanted your podcast editing and mastering to a high-level there is an option to choose that as a single service and you can take care of the rest! Alternatively, we’re here to support you from start to finish.

We often get asked the question how much does podcast production cost? This cost can range from very reasonable to more of an investment depending how involved you’d like us to be. We can also help you prepare and find sponsors alongside a bunch of other revenue generating podcast ideas so please do get in touch and book in your free consultation call and see how we can help you on your podcast journey.

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