How Can I Give My Podcast Listeners A Better Listener Experience

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Listener experience is essential in gaining and retaining listeners. Considering and optimising how your audience interacts with your podcast could be the difference between you and a competitor. In this blog post, you will find Ocean Audio Production’s top tips to creating a better listener experience.

Create interesting content. This includes editing out a lot of the opening chit chat, off-topic tangents or long pauses while a guest thinks. If you notice a consistent listener drop off, consider picking up the pace of your podcast.

Have one call to action or topic per episode so you don't overwhelm or confuse your audience. Your content linked to your podcast is part of the immersive experience you are aiming to build for your listener. Common connected content includes links to external learning resources, allowing your audience to find out more about a particular topic. Alternatively, encouraging listeners to sign up to your mailing list gives you the opportunity for remarketing (get in touch with us to find out how Ocean Audio Productions can handle your podcast marketing material, including mailing lists).

Make it super easy to listen to your podcast – in other words, don't require a sign-up, download or any other hoops to jump through just to listen to an episode.

Be concise and sum up key points for your listeners at the end of episodes, because it's not that easy to rewind a podcast episode (particularly with smart speakers). Allowing listeners to have clear and positive takeaways also allows for an increase of word of mouth.

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