About Ocean Audio Productions

Rebekah (Founder)

RebekahOcean Audio Productions is founded by Rebekah Pennington. Following her Master’s degree in Audio Production and Sound Design, she went on to work for many years at Bauer Media, Global Radio. She worked across many of the stations from Breakfast to late night as part of the production team.

She then spent a few years at Universal and Sony as a writer and producer, during this time she found herself drawn to helping others find and share their voice, which led her to podcasts.

‘I wanted to bring an affordable, easy route for people looking to get into podcasting, but most importantly to help them develop their creative ideas and reach new audiences. We focus a lot on growth strategy and the main aim for us is that your podcast is positioned correctly to meet your goals.’
Rebekah Pennington

Using the company's affect growth strategy method they’veĀ  seen their podcasts reach the top 20 in the first week of release on iTunes. Boasting an extensive network that helps their clients enjoy press coverage and live podcast settings in the form of events and corporate talks.

They’ve worked with the likes of George Northwood, Laura Whitmore, Zoe Hardman, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Poppy Delbridge, Claudia Winkleman and many more inspiring people from authors to scientists.

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Zoe (Marketing Co-ordinator)

ZoeZoe has a wealth of experience and knowledge leading social media campaigns, re-branding and delivery, from concept to end. She will closely monitor the growth of a podcast and engage directly with audiences for outstanding results.

Ali (Producer)

AliAli is an accomplished producer, engineer and sound designer. He composes original music compositions for use in podcasts and works to an incredibly high standard of production.

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